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Factoring out the GCF and trinomials where the 3rd term is negative

Factoring out the GCF and trinomials where the 3rd term is negative

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Factoring out the Greatest Common Factor

How to use the distributive property backwards

A few Problems on the GCF

On a separate sheet of paper, copy the following problems and factor out the GCF for each of the polynomials

1.  12 x to the power of 4 plus 6 x cubed minus 30 x squared

2. 75 x to the power of 8 minus 50 x cubed

3.  15 x cubed minus 40 x squared plus 35

Factoring Trinomials with a first coefficient of 1

Focusing on the sign of the constant term to decide how to factor trinomials.

Factor a few Trinomials

On the same sheet of paper as the last three problems, factor these:

4.  x squared minus 5 x minus 14

5.  x squared plus 9 x minus 22

6.  x squared minus 6 x minus 40

Completely Factoring

Combining various factoring techniques in order to find the complete factorization.

Last 2 problems

Include these on your homework sheet.  Factor the following

7.  3 x squared minus 15 x minus 18

8.  4 x cubed y minus 49 x y cubed

Bonus!  State how many factors each of the above polynomials has.