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Factoring Polynomials

Factoring Polynomials

Author: Hector Soto
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Factoring out the GCF (Always do this first.)

Factoring x2+bx+c

This video shows you how to factor a polynomial where x squared has the number 1 (one) as its coefficient.

Source: youtube: CoachSettlesAlgebra

Factoring by Grouping

This tutorial shows how to factor trinomials by the "grouping" method. Before beginning, make sure to factor out the GCF.

Source: youtube: patrickJMT

Factoring Special Cases

This video offers a review of how to factor special case polynomials such as a Difference of Perfect Squares or a Perfect Square Trinomial. You must first factor out the GCF, then check to see if what's left is a "special case" before using these methods.

Source: Youtube: Ms. Crim