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Factoring trinomials with a leading coefficient which is not 1

Factoring trinomials with a leading coefficient which is not 1

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Factoring using Algebra Tiles

How to factor complicated trinomials using Algebra Tiles

Algebra Tile problems

First, remember to write down what you think should be noticed about the product of the diagonals.


Draw the Algebra Tiles, then write the polynomial in factored form for the following polynomials:

1.  x squared minus 9 x plus 18

2.  x squared plus 4 x minus 12


Now multiply the diagonals, what do you notice?  

Were you right about the pattern?

How to factor more complicated trinomials using Algebra Tiles

Here is where the fun begins!

A few more factoring trinomials problems

Use the method in the video to draw a rectangle and using the product of the diagonals to help find the 2 sections of x-blocks.  Then factor out the GCF in each row and column to find the length and width of the rectangle.


1.  3 x squared plus 8 x plus 4

2.  2 x squared minus 7 x plus 6

3.  4 x squared plus 16 x plus 7

4.  6 x squared plus 7 x minus 5