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Failure Free Reading program

Failure Free Reading program

Author: Maketia Barr

My class Reading Improvement is geared to help struggling readers.  The Failure Free Reading is proving to be a successful tool in this process.  Failure Free Reading is a highly-structured, non-phonic, language development program that directly teaches reading comprehension, vocabulary and fluency to students who have failed using everything else.  This program has proven to be successful for students that are unable to learn to read through the traditional route of phonics.

Failure Free Reading’s five-step instructional process begins with a pretest followed by an oral guided lesson, computer guided instruction, print-based activities, and a post-test/comprehension test. Program materials consist of interactive software, student workbooks, reinforcement activities, independent reading booklets, instructional readers, flashcards, parent communication letters, story books, and teacher directed lessons. The software provides audio delivery of age-appropriate, decodable texts. The print reinforcement exercises include matching, word illustration, sentence illustration, sentence unscramble, and alphabetical order.  Failure Free Reading interventions enable even the lowest-achieving students to immediately begin to read age-appropriate materials with full comprehension -- and independent engagement.

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Failure Free Reading Program Brochure

Overview of the program along with questions and answers by the program founder


Failure Free Reading Program Overview

This presentation will give you a short overview into the specifics of Failure Free Reading.