FDIC Money-Smart Financial Literacy

FDIC Money-Smart Financial Literacy

Author: Youth USA
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Getting Started with FDIC Money Smart

This seven minute abbreviated introduction to FDIC Money Smart Financial Literacy get's you started with the first of 11 self-paced learning modules. The course in includes narration by FDIC Guide Penny Cash and her colleagues. YouthUSA promotes FREE ONLINE ACCESS (in cooperation with FDIC) to all 11 modules at www.YouthUSA.org/money

Source: FDIC.gov

FDIC MoneySmart

Braindrain is a threat to America's economic security. You can help counter the braindrain threat. FDIC Train the trainer provides lifelong learners and innovative educators with on-demand training in financial literacy.

YouthUSA facilitates FREE ACCESS IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH to interactive curriculum
at http://www.youthusa.org/money