Features of Distibutions

Features of Distibutions

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Students will think critically about the possible distribution shapes of different variables.
  2. In examining distributions of data, students will be able to detect important characteristics, such as shape, center/location, variability, and unusual values.
  3. Students will use discipline-specific terminology to justify the possible matching of variables to distributions.

Students will analyze and discuss the features of the distributions of several variables.  The class will be divided into 10 groups.  Each group will be given an envelope containing 8 unique unscaled dot plot distributions and the list of the corresponding variables.  Groups will spend time discussing and matching each distribution to its proper variable.  A large group discussion will summarize findings and close out the lesson.

Length of time needed: 1 class period (55 minutes)

This lesson was written by Ryan Backman.

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Lesson Plan

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Source: Ryan Backman

Handouts and Materials

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Lesson Plan (Word document)

Dot Plot Distributions (PDF document)

Source: Ryan Backman