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Features of Teaching Foreign Students

Features of Teaching Foreign Students

Author: Doris Kirby

Teaching foreign students is a peculiar experience for any educator, and you need to take that into consideration before you meet your class. Of course, there are lots of different techniques that can make it a bit easier for you to for with the foreigners in the classroom, and though some might say that it is a highly challenging task, we would say that it might even be a bit easier than teaching the natives.

Students that come from abroad are more likely to put some real effort into education, which is why some educators might even prefer working with foreigners rather than natives. Today, we are going to discuss some teaching methods that can smoothen that process up and help you perform better as a tutor.

Encourage Students to Write More

Writing is the key to improving one’s communication skills and expanding vocabulary. That is why it would be a good idea to assign some writing tasks to your students. This could be anything: reviews for movies, some research paper, or an essay discussing some important matters. This is one of the best practices for learning a foreign language, and you will be helped with this on writing services, but first read research paper service reviews, it can really boost one’s command of a foreign language to a whole new level. That is why you should include some writing assignments in your program to make sure your students develop both spoken and written communication skills simultaneously.

Full Access to Course Materials

Provide your students with full access to all the course materials. Send those to all of your foreign students. For instance, you can make PowerPoint slides with some basic information pre-lecture so the students could read those and come prepared. That way they would be more engaged in the learning process, some might even research the topic on their own, try to find the information in their native language to better understand it, and come to your lecture all set for active work. This might be critical leverage for student success, so you must provide them with that leverage.

Opportunities for Collaboration

If you are working with a class that consists of students that come from many different countries, the best idea for you is to assign some group projects and break your class into groups that consist of people who do not speak the same language. That way, the only chance for them to understand each other is to communicate in English – this will force them to use English actively to finish that project. This would be a great experience for all of them and the main goal here is not to make that project perfectly, but to cooperate effectively to achieve at least some results.

Wrap Up

Working with foreign students is a great challenge for any educator, and if you are not really experienced in this area, it is better for you to follow some guidelines, like the ones we have here. You need to understand that the students in your classroom might have a different level of English proficiency too – some might have finished some courses already, and some might be self-taught beginners. That is why you have to adapt and change your approach to meet the needs of every student.

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