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Feedback, Reflection and Gamification

Feedback, Reflection and Gamification

Author: Jody Waltman

In this lesson, you will reflect on how gamification enhances personalization in the classroom

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Personalized Learning through Gaming

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Source: Image of Plus/Minus/Delta chart, created by Jody Waltman

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In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to use feedback and reflection to evaluate the success of implementing gamification in the classroom. We'll begin by sharing some ideas for collecting data, along with some questions that might guide your self-reflection. Finally, we'll learn how to evaluate the success of your gamification implementation.

First, what data might you collect and use in your evaluation of the success of gamification in your classroom? You created a competency-based education lesson that incorporated elements of gamification. You can certainly use any data that you collected in the implementation of that lesson as you reflect.

Furthermore, you can collect student data in a plus/minus/delta chart as follows. Have students create a three column chart on a piece of paper, or alternately, provide them with a copy of a chart like this one. In the plus column, students indicate things that worked well for them in the gamified classroom. In the minus column, students list things that didn't work so well. And finally in the delta column, students can share suggestions for improvement as you move forward with gamification.

In addition to using data that you collected throughout the lesson or unit, here are some questions that might guide your self-reflection. What did you observe students doing during the gamified activities? What does the formative and summative assessment data indicate in relation to the gamified activities? What were the outcomes of the students' specific gamification experiences? And what types of feedback did students provide?

Based on both the qualitative and quantitative data, you can evaluate the success of the implementation of gamification in your classroom. Through gamification, did you successfully personalize learning for your students? Did you successfully increase engagement and increase student empowerment through the use of gamified activities? Did you facilitate student mastery of competencies? And most importantly, how do you know does the data that you collected justify your responses to these questions?

In this tutorial, we looked at the process of collecting data, reflecting, and evaluating the implementation of gamification in your classroom. Now is a great time for you to stop and reflect. How did you feel about the success of the CBE lesson that you designed and implemented? If you were to collect feedback from your students, what might they have to say about the use of gamified activities in your classroom?

For more information on how to apply what you learned in this video, please view the additional resources section that accompanies this video presentation. The additional resources section includes hyperlinks useful for applications of the course material, including a brief description of each resource. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

Notes on "Feedback, Reflection and Gamification"

(00:00 - 00:22) Introduction

(00:23 - 01:14) Collect Data

(01:15 - 01:42) Self-Reflection

(01:43 - 02:16) Evaluation

(02:17 - 02:26) Review

(02:27 - 03:00) Stop and Reflect

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