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Feelings and Emotions

Feelings and Emotions

Author: Roy Tong Moua

5th grade

Personal/Social Development : PS: A1.5- Identify and Express Feelings

Students will be able to express and identify their feelings.

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The Four Basic Emotions

The four basic emotions are Mad, Sad, Glad (Happy), and Scared!!!

Talking About Your Feelings!!!!!

1. It is okay to have feelings.
2. Tell your friends, teachers, and family members how you feel.
3. Don't hold your feelings inside, it is not healthy.

Nobody can help having feelings because
they are part of everyone. We feel different
things all day long as different things happen
to us.

Yay for Emotions!!

Here are some examples of the different feelings and emotions that an individual has. There are a wide ranges of emotions and feelings. People don't all feel the same way. People can feel anxious, silly, tired, puzzled, nervous, bored, and more!! There is no right way to feel and express your emotions.

Feelings and Emotions Websites!!

Please access the website to find more information about feelings and emotions. The webpage will help students identify and express their feelings and emotions through heathy ways.

Click here: Talking About Your Feelings

Here are some questions that you will need to answer once you have had time to look at the website. Please use complete sentences and elaborate why?

1. Why is it important to focus on your feelings? You will find the response that I am looking for on the section that says, Focus on your feelings?

2. Why is important to talk about your feelings? You will find the response that I am looking for on the section that says, Why talk about your feelings? Please use complete sentences and elaborate why?

3. What are examples for an individual to know how to talk bout your feelings? You will find the responses that I am looking for on the section that says, How to talk about your feelings?

Click here: Feelings and Emotions

On the right side of this website, there will be a small quiz that you need to take. The quiz will come directly from the linked website.