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Author: Abby Canosa

Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.

Grade Level: 7th 

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Feudal Diagram

A diagram of the Feudal system.

Source: Ashlin, Coe. (2014). Feudal diagram (image), retrieved July 30, 2014 from:

Medieval Europe: Feudalism

A video about feudalism and daily life on the manor.

Source: HSW. (2013). Medieval europe:feudalism (Motion picture). Retrieved from:

Feudalism: Social Classes

This website has more information on the various social classes in the feudal system. 

Click here.

Source: History on the Net (2013). Medieval life:feudalism. Retrieved August 1, 2014 from:

Feudal Social Structure

Video which breaks down the feudal social structure using a diagram.

Source: Global History and Geography 9 (2010). Feudal social structure. Retrieved August 1, 2014 from:

Guiding Questions

Now that you've finished the tutorial, think about this guiding question. You will be required to answer it later in class.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of feudalism? Support your answer with evidence/details from the     tutorial.