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Few tips on how to write an essay

Few tips on how to write an essay

Author: Tom Anderson

Before we find out how to write an essay, it is important to know what an essay is. An essay is a group of sentences that form paragraphs, which in turn form an essay. It is usually a short piece of writing, which gives the writer’s point of view on a subject backed by analysis and evidence. There are many types of essays such as cause and effect essays, analysis essays, argumentative essays, and critical analysis essays are just to name a few.

Selecting Topic

By applying a proper writing methodology, students will be able to get past the problem of being stuck when it comes to writing their coursework essays. The first basic step in writing an essay is to choose an appropriate essay topic. The topic is sometimes assigned to the student, but in some cases is not. When selecting the topic first and foremost, the student should select one that is interesting to him and to others as well. The topic should not be too broad or too narrow. If you are looking for a good English essay topic you can draw inspiration from plenty of online essay samples provided by writing assistance companies.

Researching the Subject

Once the topic of interest has been chosen, the next step is to research it. There are many methods of research available to students, such as libraries, journals, and online resources. When researching, the student should write down everything he thinks that might be important. This includes all the reference data of the sources so that you can complete your bibliography without wasting time trying to locate this information at a later stage.

Brainstorm your Concepts

When research is complete, analyze the arguments. Decide if enough information to argue a point has been researched. All your claims and statements must be properly validated and supported by authentic and reliable evidence such as examples, testimonies, data and facts, theories, etc. Give your insight into the arguments. Close your eyes and meditate and come up with insights of your own. This is referred to as brainstorming. All these steps can lead you through the mental block you will have when you are asked to write an essay.

Outline and Pre-planning

Next step of a good custom writing the methodology is to have an essay outline. You must refer to the post on how to write an essay outline for more details on this matter. Your outline allows you to move your paragraphs around and see what order of presentation of the ides will best suit. The outline will help you to write an organized and cohesive essay.

Write your Essay

The next stage is the actual writing phase. Here you need to start with a strong introduction that can make the reader sit up and take notice. The body of your essay should give reasons for your arguments. Each argument should be explained in one paragraph. The conclusion is the end of your essay. Make sure everything you wanted to state in your essay has been stated. The reader should get the idea that you have completed your essay. No new evidence should be brought up at this point.

Final Phase – Fishing for Errors

The last stage of a good essay writing process is to have it proofread and edited. Make sure that your citations are in order and that the reference page is formatted as per MLA, APA or any other essay reference requirement.

Follow these writing tips and see whether knowing how to write an essay can take away that terrible writer’s block that invades most among us at most pressing times when assignments are overflowing and your academic career depends on it. But if you still have problems. Then you can turn to cheap essay writing service in Canada. These guys will be able to help you out of any difficult situation.

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