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Students will be able to determine if a reading selection is FICTION or NONFICTION.

At home, students will view videos that will help them determine if a book is fiction or nonfiction. They will also investigate the genres of both fiction and nonfiction? As they view videos, they will use a Cornell Note template to take notes. This will help them focus and remember some of the basic information. They will be given 2 at-home evenings to do this part of the lesson.

In class, students will be collaborate with a small group to compare & contrast 2 reading selections in the course anthology text. On a large post-it sheet, each group will draw a graphic organizer to demonstrate knowledge of the 2 chosen selections, one containing fictional elements; the other containing attributes of nonfiction writing.

Groups will share informally with the class.

Both the collaborative product and a short quiz will be used a formative assessments.

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Fiction VS Nonfiction

Student responsibilities:  VIEW 3 videos. WRITE Cornell Notes over all three. Be prepared to use this information as you collaborate in class with your small group to demonstrate your understanding of FICTION VS NONFICTION.

1. Watch this instructional video (see below) about how fiction text is different from nonfiction text. Take notes as you view.

2. Watch this instructional video  (see below) about the genres of fiction. Take notes as you view.

3. Watch this instructional video (see below) about the genres of nonfiction. Take notes as you view.


Cornell Notes Template

Students, please print and use this template for each of your video note-taking. Let me know if you have difficulty with this and need copies from me.