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Fighting the War of 1812

Fighting the War of 1812

Author: Dan Boyle

At the end of the tutorial, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the military and political actions of the war that ultimately led to a United States "victory"
  • Describe why the New England states felt that it was OK for them to secede from the United States
  • List the terms of the Treaty of Ghent
  • Discuss the Battle of New Orleans

Over the course of the brief 2 and a half year war, the United States and England accomplished very little.  The United States, despite a poor military performance in the land phase of the war, were able to control enough of the waterways around the country to convince the British that further fighting was not going to solve anything.  By the time the Treaty of Ghent was signed at the end of 1814, both sides agreed to the idea of "status quo, ante-bellem," the way things were before the war.  Even the most impressive United States victory of the war, this at the Battle of New Orleans with troops led by Andrew Jackson, was made insignificant as it came after the peace treaty had already been agreed to.

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A look at the fighting in the War of 1812, the Hartford Convention, the Treaty of Ghent, and the Battle of New Orleans

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