Filling Out a Plot Map/Diagram

Filling Out a Plot Map/Diagram

Author: Angela Rivas

Students will fill out a blank plot map using a piece of text, correctly noting exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. 

This tutorial will show students the components of a Plot Map and how to properly fill one out.  It will also allow students to practice what they've learned by watching short video clips and reading short stories.  

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Intro to Plot Maps/Plot Diagrams

#1.) How to Fill Out a Plot Map Sheet

Click the link below to learn how to fill out the Plot Map (also known as a Plot Diagram) sheet that you will be using in class.  All parts of the sheet need to be filled out.  



#2.) Story Time!

Watch and listen to the story, "Cinderella," and fill out your own plot map.  Click the link below to get to the story.  Don't forget--pause the story whenever you need to in order to give yourself time to fill out your paper! :)




#3.) Test Your Knowledge!

Think you understand Plot Maps? Click on the following link to test yourself! 



#4.) Try It On Your Own!

Watch the short video and fill out your Plot Map as best you can.