FIN 320 Module Three Excel

FIN 320 Module Three Excel

Author: willi padro


This is the first of two Excel assignments you will complete in this course. Before you get started, be sure to watch the Yahoo! Finance and Investor Relations video. For this assignment, consider the stock you own in your TDAU thinkorswim portfolio. Choose one of the companies from your portfolio and use Yahoo! Finance to complete the following steps:
1. Financial Reports
For the company you have selected, find the most recent annual balance sheet, annual income statement, and annual statement of cash flows
Copy each of these three reports to its own worksheet within a single Excel file. The first worksheet should be titled 20XX Balance Sheet; the second, 20XX Income Statement; the third, 20XX Cash Flow. (Replace the XX with the appropriate year.) The image below illustrates the way the file should be set up.
2. Stock PricesCreate a fourth worksheet within the same Excel file for historical stock prices. (You can name the worksheet Stock Prices.) On the Yahoo! Finance page for your company, click the Historical Prices link on the left-hand side. Find the stock prices for the most recent seven weekdays in the Adj Close column. The Adj Close stock price is adjusted for dividends and stock splits. In your Excel file, enter those seven prices. On the Stock Prices worksheet, use an Excel formula to calculate the stock price’s rate of return over that seven-day period. To do this,1. Subtract the stock price of the first day from the stock price of the last day.2. Divide this amount by the stock price from the first day.3. Multiply by 100 to get the rate of return.
3. Professionalism
Format the data on all worksheets so that the file has a neat and professional appearance.
4. References
At the bottom of each data tab in the spreadsheet, include a link and a properly formatted citation referencing the location of the data used.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit an Excel file that meets the criteria described in the prompt. Citations should be formatted according to APA style.

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