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FIN 385 Midterm

FIN 385 Midterm

Author: Johnny Gonzalez

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1. (TCOs 3, 4) Which of the following is not true about bond indexes?

2. (TCO 2) What does the reward to variability ratio refer to?

3. (TCO 2) The degree of risk of a particular investment is a function of ______

4. (TCO 2) Which of the following sets of terms mean about the same thing?

5. (TCO 2) Which of the following can be said about average bond versus stock returns over the long run?

6. (TCO 2) An investor's investment opportunity set _______.

7. (TCO 2) The degree of risk of a particular investment is a function of ______.

8. (TCO 8) A disadvantage of just-in-time inventory techniques is ______.

9. (TCO 1) In the purchase and sale of securities, the "spread" refers to the difference between _______.

10. (TCO 1) Serial bonds _______.

11. (TCO 1) What does the derivative market refer to?

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