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FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV


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FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

Select an M&A from the list below or select your own, subject to faculty approval, for your Learning Team project. Your selection is the basis for subsequent assignments.

Make sure there is sufficient information available to you to complete each phase of the project, if you choose your own M&A. Necessary information includes the following information:

Balance Sheets and Income Statements

Annual reports

10K reports

Bond rating agency information

Pre- and post-merger information

Relevant information regarding the M&A and related readings describing the process the acquiring and targeted companies experienced

Choose an M&A from the following list:

Hewlett Packard®/Compaq®

AOL®/Time Warner®

Boeing®/McDonnell Douglas®




GM®/Delphi® and Ford®/Visteon®

Maytag Corp.®/Hoover®

RJR Nabisco®

Daimler AG® /Chrysler®

Mesa Petroleum®/UNOCAL®

Conduct research on the M&A you selected.

Prepare a 1,925- to 2,100-word paper in which you examine the M&A type in your project.

Examine the following for the M&A you select:

What were the underlying motives the acquiring company used to launch the activity?

Discuss the purpose of performing due diligence for your M&A?

What factors were critical in integrating your M&A?

Describe the search and screening process used to identify the target company. Consider the following areas:

Legal: FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV

Monopoly concerns, pending litigation, image issues


Liquidity, pricing, debt, credit policies, compensation, retirement


Union, supply chain, facilities and capacity, managerial issues, technology, company culture, and country culture

Determine financing instruments used for the M&A, such as debt, equity, Cash, Stock for Stock, etc.

Did the outcome of the strategy meet with original expectations, such as growth, EPS, price per share, or cost of diversification?  Explain your answer.

Discuss the effect on the M&A in terms of human capital and the assimilation of differing organizational cultures.

Discuss any relevant governance or ethical issues the M&A activity faced during its formative term? Discuss specifics and how the issue was handled.

As a result of your investigation and analysis, would you recommend a different strategy?  As an example, why would a spin-off make more sense for the company, as opposed to a divestiture or why a strategic alliance might make more sense than a merger?  Why or why not?

Determine and list best practices evident from this activity that could be useful in a future project.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment as a Microsoft® Word document. FIN 444 WEEK 5 M&A Project Part IV