FIN 665: Final Project Guidelines and Grading Guide

FIN 665: Final Project Guidelines and Grading Guide

Author: arthur perez

FIN 665: Final Project Guidelines and Grading Guide


FIN 665: Final Project Guidelines and Grading Guide

The final project for this course is the creation of an Individual Case Analysis. The primary objective of this project is for students to understand how to analyze the capital structure of a company. Students will also improve their understanding of some basic forms of debt financing and learn to formulate strategies in structuring debt financing. The case will also expose students to the process of debt rating and its importance. Because of its international setting, the case provides an excellent opportunity for students to obtain an understanding of international capital markets and offshore offerings. Students will apply the case method described in this document. They will define the problem, build an analysis separating the important facts from the peripheral data, develop alternative courses of action citing advantages and disadvantages, and make final recommendations on policies that will maximize value for the business.

Main Elements

Case Method

The case method is an important tool in educating managers by allowing students to bring to life conceptual material that is often difficult to understand without application, and aiding in integrating tools and theories students have learned by applying them to relevant management decisions.

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