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Final Review and Directions

Final Review and Directions

Author: carolyn fruin

Review the final directions below for completing this playlist.

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Directions for Exam Preparation

The test will be at 2:45 on Thursday, 12/8 for this playlist.

You need to do the following in order to receive full credit up to this point.

  • Complete and correct to 100% all checkpoint documents.
  • Complete and sign the checklist inlcuded in this packet
  • Review all Learning Targets and clarify any questions you may still have


You can find me in the B2 office before and after school Monday and Friday and will be in B227 during the Extended Day class time for you to complete your work or ask questions Tues, Wed and Thur.

During the day, I am in A209 periods 1 -2 and B227 from 5th period on. Don't hesitate to find me if you have questions.

Packet Progress Checklist

You should have received a copy of this in class. You will keep track of your completion of each of the assigned packets. This must be turned in the day of your test.