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Financial Management in Healthcare Summary

Financial Management in Healthcare Summary

Author: Sophia Tutorial


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what's covered
In this lesson, you will review the key concepts of this course. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Progress and Challenges

1. Progress and Challenges

Nurse leaders play a vital role in healthcare finance. It's important that leaders stay on top of emerging trends in healthcare finance. Policy impacts finance just as decisions made by CMS and other government agencies can have a major impact on how a healthcare organization gets reimbursed. Healthcare organizations are also needed to take ownership of cost containment. This will often fall on the nursing staff, who contribute a heavy load to providing quality care. There will most likely be a stronger push for organizations to keep costs under control and continue to be more efficient. Challenges for the future will include the aging population, staff shortages, expensive technology, and a changing political environment.

Authored by Christopher Miller, DHSc, MHM