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Financial Statements for Corporate Financial Reporting, business and finance homework help

Financial Statements for Corporate Financial Reporting, business and finance homework help

Author: david utsey

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Use Target as your Fortune 500 Company
Use the following links to view company information

Once you select a company to analyze, you can link to the corporate website and select "Investor Relations" to access annual reports. You will need to download the Balance Sheet and Income Statements, then key in the required data into an Excel Spreadsheet. Be sure to cite your source for the data you use and post the financial statements, Excel spreadsheet and your MS Word analysis
Review the balance sheet and income statement in the companies 2015 annual report
Calculate the following ratios using Microsoft Excel
Current Ratio
Quick Ratio
Debt Equality Ratio
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Receivables Turnover Ratio
Total Assets Turnover Ratio
Profit Margin Ratio
Return on Assets Ratio
Analyze in 1,050 words why each ratio is important for financial decision making.
Required Resources Microsoft Excel and Mergent Database.
utilize this link to access Mergent online. Once you select your company (Target), use the various tabs to select data to research. Use the "Download" icon to save financial statements and post with the assignment
Cite resources and format in APA

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