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Finding Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Finding Digital Formative Assessment Tools

Author: carolyn fruin

The number of digital tools is expanding exponentially. Finding what you're looking for doesn't have to be hard. This tutorial provides suggestions and how to find even more.

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Find what you're looking for!

The following presentation shares several categories of instructional technology resources that can be used in various classroom scenarios. If you open it as a presentation, the links to each tool is embedded and should take you to individual sites for more details and how to directions

Use what works!!

There are many technology-based tools that provide visual results graphically and/or automatically highlight and collate teacher formative assessment data. Many of these have the added bonus of serving as all-student response systems, which simultaneously gather students’ responses:

Digital Tools for Formative Assessments

Updated version of NWEA list of digital tools and apps for formative assessment.


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Find ways to truly get your students excited about learning and then enable them to show what they know in non-traditional ways. Patricia Brown shares some of her favorite digital tools for assessing learning.

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