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Finding Mass (using a balance)

Finding Mass (using a balance)

Author: Jason Fritz

Learning Target:

  • I can use a triple beam balance to accurately find the mass of an object to the nearest 0.1g
  • I can use an electronic balance to accurately find the mass of an object.
  • I know the difference between weight and mass.
  • I know the differences between kilograms, grams, and milligrams using the metric units of mass.
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Metric Mania: Mass

Source: Science Spot

How to find mass using a triple-beam balance

Source: Mr. Fritz Science YouTube

Mass and Using a Triple Beam Balance

Source: Mark Drollinger

Parts of a Triple-Beam Balance

How to find mass using an electronic balance

Source: Mr. Fritz Science Youtube

Lab: Mass Excursions and Conversions

DIRECTIONS: Estimate the mass of the following objects. Afterwards use the Triple Beam Balance as demonstrated, find the mass of the following objects. Final step is to find the actual mass using the electronic scale to see how close your measurements were.

Directions: Now convert the mass of your object using the steps.



Source: MrFritzScience

Lab Sheet: Create a Massive Clay Sphere

For this lab you and your group are going to get a supply of clay. With that clay you are going to create “clay spheres” but the trick is that the spheres need to be a specific mass.


Source: MrFritzScience

Unit conversions and problem solving with metric measurement

Are you still having trouble with the metric system. Click on the image to get more practice and training from Khan Academy.

 "Module 2 focuses on length, mass, and capacity in the metric system where place value serves as a natural guide for moving between larger and smaller units." 
Topic A: Metric unit conversions
Topic B: Application of metric unit conversions

Source: Khan Academy