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Finding Metric Volume

Finding Metric Volume

Author: Jason Fritz
  • I can find the volume of a liquid using a graduated cylinder
  • I can find the volume of a regular shaped solid using a ruler
  • I can find the volume of a small irregular shaped solid using displacement and a graduated cylinder
  • I can find the volume of a larger irregular shaped solid using a displacement cup and a graduated cylinder.

Volume is the amount of space an object takes up or…
Volume is the amount of material a container can hold
Example: this bottle can hold 1 Liter of H2O

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Finding Volume Flow Chart

Create a mental map to figure out how to find the volume of various objects. Pause, rewind, and take notes when necessary.

Source: prezi by Mr. Fritz

Finding Volume of a Liquid

Source: Mr.Fritz Science

Finding the Volume of a Solid: Regular Shaped Prism

Rectangular Prism: L x W x H to get the volume right.
1. Line the item right on the 0 cm line.
2. Find the two numbers it is in between (ex: 8 and 9)
3. Count how many lines past your object is (ex: 3 lines)
4. Determine your measurement (ex: 8.3 cm)
5. repeat for other two sides
6. Multiply L x W x H = Volume (cubic units)

Source: Mr. Fritz Science

Finding Volume of an Irregular Shaped Object

Source: MrFritzScience

The Volume Song (Happy Parody)

This song goes over how to find the volume of a rectangular prism. It's to the tune of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

Source: Mr. Peters' Classroom

The Volume Song For Kids - Educational Video For Students

This song makes makes it clear how to measure the volume of different things... like a robot! (Thanks Zoey M. for video)


Volume Mental Map

Non-narrated version of finding volume flow chart.

Source: Prezi by Mr. Fritz

Finding Volume Flow Chart (example of notes)

This is similar to what your notes should look like after reviewing the "Volume Flow Chart."


Finding Volume and Flow Chart


Source: Mark Drollinger

Finding Volumes #1 Labsheet and picture of lab bin.


Source: Mr. Fritz Science Class

Finding Volumes #2 Labsheet


Source: Mr. Fritz Science Class

Volume of a Solid and Volume Displacement Practice


Unit conversions and problem solving with metric measurement

Are you still having trouble with the metric system. Click on the image to get more practice and training from Khan Academy.


 "Module 2 focuses on length, mass, and capacity in the metric system where place value serves as a natural guide for moving between larger and smaller units." 

Topic A: Metric unit conversions
Topic B: Application of metric unit conversions

Source: Khan Academy

Safari Montage Video Links

Click on the link for the video you want to watch. Sign into Safari Montage like you would any school computer and enjoy.

Cyberchase: Liquid Volume: Cool It

Cyberchase, an award-winning animated series from PBS, chronicles the adventures of three extraordinary kids, collectively called the CyberSquad. With the help of Dr. Marbles and Digit, Motherboard's faithful aides, the kids must save the Internet from Hacker's evil plans using logic and mathematics instead of weapons and dramatics to defeat any obstacles in their way! In this episode, students explore the relationship between volume and dimension--and the importance of a standard unit of measurement. Determined to destroy Motherboard in any way possible, Hacker cleverly clogs up her cooling system. Digit brings the kids into cyberspace to help to help fix her, but the special coolant Motherboard needs, cryoxide, is found only in Castleblanca, and supply is closely monitored! To bring back exactly enough cryoxide for Motherboard, the kids have to figure out the exact volume of Motherboard's tank. In the process, they discover the importance of a standard unit of measure and fill a most unusual container with the precious cryoxide.

28 min. 52 sec.

Source: Safari Montage