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Finding Order in Diversity (18.1 & 18.3)

Finding Order in Diversity (18.1 & 18.3)

Author: Pamela Ruggiero

Prentice Hall Biology: Chapter 18 (18.1 & 18.3)

Pages 447-450 & 457-461

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This video is approximately 21 minutes long. Please fill in the note sheet as you watch. Be sure your SOUND IS ON! Once done, you MUST complete the quiz below to receive homework credit!

Source: Ms. Ruggiero's Powerpoint via Camtasia

Review of 18.1/18.3

You must complete the quiz below to receive credit for this tutorial. All responses must be submitted by 7am (9/17)

Classification Rap with Betty White

1989 Classification Rap

I just can't stop laughing at this one!