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Finding the Slope when Given Two Points

Finding the Slope when Given Two Points

Author: Kendra Wheeler

Finding slope given two points
Finding the slope of a vertical and horizontal line-- when is a slope equal to zero and when is a slope undefinded

Examples and steps on how to find the slope given two points.

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Terms used throughout this learning packet: 

Slope:  A number which is used to indicate the steepness of a line, as well as indicating whether the line is tilted uphill or downhill. Slope is indicated by the letter m.

Why "m" is used as a symbol for slope:

Many people have been taught that m comes from the French monter, to climb, but this appears to be an 'urban legend.'

Although m can stand for "modulus of slope" and the term "modulus" has often been used for "the essential parameter determining," 

There is no exact definition or findings of why "m" is the symbol for slope. 

Slope Formula: 

     m = y2 - y1 /   x2- x1

Order Pairs: A pair of numbers giving the location of a point. Shown as ( x , y ).

Vertical Line: A line that goes up and down. A tree grows in a vertical direction.

Horizontal Line: A line that goes left to right or side to side. Parallel to the horizon. 

Finding the slope with two points

Exampling how to find the slope with two order pairs, Also explaining that you can rewrite the slope formula and receive the same slope.

Examples finding slope using 2 points

Worked out examples on how to find slope given two points. If you want to try these problems out by yourself first just click the pause button or you can just follow along.

Slope of a Horizontal Line

Slope of a Vertical Line