Finding the Stated Main Idea

Finding the Stated Main Idea


Upon successful completion of this tutorial, the student should be able to identify the topic and stated main idea in a paragraph.

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This video will help you learn how to find the main idea in a passage. After viewing this tutorial, return to the playlist by clicking Tutorials above and view the next tutorial on Implied Main Ideas.

Stated Main Idea Quiz

RCC students: If you are viewing this tutorial as part of a Learning Center workshop or for a class, please write your answers to the quiz below on a sheet of paper and turn in. 

1. To help decide if a certain sentence is the main idea, ask yourself, "Is this statement _____________ by most or all of the other sentences in the paragraph?"

2. One strategy that will help you find the main idea is to look for the _____________ - the general subject of a selection.

3. When looking for the TOPIC of a selection, it is helpful to look for _____________ words.

4. What question should you ask yourself after you have chosen a main idea?

Where to go next?

After completing the quiz, click here to jump to "Finding the Implied Main Idea."