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Finding the subject and object

Finding the subject and object

Author: LaShanda Lawrence


  • Explain what the subject is and how it is different than objects.
  • Explain how to determine what is the subject in different constructions (e.g. head of the phrase, subject-verb inversion, passive voice)
  • Explain what the object is and how it is different than the subject.
  • Explain how to determine what is a direct object and what is an indirect object.

This packet should help a learner seeking to understand English grammar and who is confused about word function. It will explain how to determine the subject of the sentence.

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What's a subject?

The subject is who or what is being or doing.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Where's the subject?

Inverted subject; understood subject in declarative sentences.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

What's an object?

The object is affected by the verb

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Distinguishing between subject and object

Explains the difference between the subject and object.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence

Direct and indirect object

Direct objects receive action of the verb; an indirect object is for whom or what the action has been done.

Source: LaShanda Lawrence