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Finding your sources

Finding your sources

Author: Melissa Stephenson
  1. Distinguish between different types of sources (e.g. newspaper articles, scholarly articles, reviews, books, lectures, etc.).

  2. Explain how to find sources on the internet using key words.

  3. Explain how to use bibliographies to find similar sources.

This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how conduct research for a paper and who is confused about how to find sources.  It will explain the variety of sources that are available to students who are conducting research.

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Different Types of Sources

This slideshow explains the difference between primary and secondary sources. With audio instruction, learners are able to learn why each source is valuable to research.

Finding Your Sources

This video explains how to use keywords to find sources in a library or on the internet through serach engines.

Source:; Melissa Stephenson

Finding Additional Sources

This video explains how to effectively find additional sources using bibliographies.