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Finger Maze

Finger Maze

Author: Jason Fritz

Students Will:
Explain how certain questions can be answered through scientific inquiry and/or technological design
Use evidence, such as observations or experimental result to support inferences about a relationship
Use evidence from investigations to clearly communicate and support conclusions
Apply appropriate measurement systems to record and interpret observations under varying conditions
Display those appropriate measurements with the use of graphs and interpreting the data collected.

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Human vs Rat: The Maze Challenge

A person running through a hedge maze, versus a rat trying to solve a miniature version of the same maze. As presented by a cable sports channel.

Source: Tom Scott

Finger Maze

Finger Maze Design Rules: SAMPLE DESIGN
1. Stay with in margin of graph paper, except for start and finish.
2. At no time should any part of the maze touch another part of the maze.
3. No Center Islands
4. Maze Width must ALWAYS be 3 squares wide!

Note: you can print your own graph paper from:

Finger Maze basic rules and sample


Finger Maze Experiment Design


How to Test Your Finger Maze

The questions you are trying to answer:
"How well do people learn using Trial and Error to find their way through a maze?"
"Who of my friends/family on average can blindly go through the finger maze the fastest?"


Plain Graph Paper

Graph paper to use for creating your finger maze.


Finger Maze Data Collection Sheet

This sheet is where you will document a minimum of 5 people for 5 trials of your finger maze. Please remember to write detailed observations of the people going through your maze.
-learned maze
-stuck in same places over and over.


Finger Maze Sample Graph of Results


Finger Maze Rubric


Click on the image to go to the "Create a Graph" website to create your own graph