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Finish with Strong Solution Section

Finish with Strong Solution Section

Author: Soma Jurgensen

Complete your proposal with action.

This is the section where busines professional's excel, but don't lose steam. The reader should be able to picture their life with your solution in place and the full benefits she or he will realize.

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Solutions, plans, and budgets, oh my!

By this point in your writing process you’ve addressed what you propose and why you think it’s necessary. It’s time to tell the reader HOW you plan to accomplish it. The solution statement is the implementation stage, and yet, the persuasion does not end.


  • How will you accomplish what you propose?
  • Why did you select this plan? (This is an opportunity for research – what are best practices?)
  • Who needs to be involved? When?
  • What will the schedule of completion or timeline be?
  • What are some approximate costs?

As you conclude your proposal also include a picture of what the business will “look like” after they’ve implemented your plan. Create a word picture of a brighter future.

Solution Statements that Persuade

This PowerPoint presentation explains and shows an example of an effective and persuasive solution statement.

Solution Statements that Persuade - Video

You are building your case for change and now your present your solution. Don't lose steam! Organize your work for maximum persuasion.