Fire Fan Fantastica

Fire Fan Fantastica


This tutorial provides examples of exemplary fire fan performance. We learn by doing, but we can support our learning by studying and observing masters in the field.  

Observe. Practice. Observe. Practice. Repeat ad infinitum. 

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Minneapolis Fire Collective Hindu Style practice

Shows the power and beauty of simple movement done en masse.

Fire Technicians 2012 Promo

The troupe says, " Because of you, beauty can be found in the darkest places."

2012 Burn Academy

Speed, precision, and a solid story line.

GlitterGirl breaks it down, labels it, then does it again

It's nice to see some simple moves done slowly and not on fire. And we can aspire to spins as we build our skills.

Safety. Enough said.

Before engaging in any potentially dangerous activity, familiarize yourself with the dangers and the best practices for mitigating those dangers.  There's a wealth of printed information, and any serious, gifted fire performer will teach and practice safety. 


See the North American Fire Arts Association safety sheet below, as a start. 


About this tutorial

This tutorial will be posted through the end of February 2013. It is created to inspire our Bridgeteers All-Ages Fire Troupe in our practice.