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First Grade Folklore Glog

First Grade Folklore Glog

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First Grade Folklore Glogster

Hello my beautiful first graders! Today we will be learning all about folklore! To get started, click on the link highligted in blue below. This will take you to the first page. Start the lesson by reading the page, the WHOLE page. This will teach you all about what Folklore is and will give you examples of books you can read.

This is what your page should look like...



Now that you've read the whole page, read what I've written in the green chalkboard. I want you to write about what you think folklore is, not what the page tells you. So, if you had to explain it in your words, how would you define it? You may add pictures (I engcourage you too)! 

This is the chalkboard section if you are having trouble.


Next, I want you to watch the YouTube video. It is the black arrow pointing down. This is a read aloud of the book Stone Soup. Pay close attention to what the video tells you and all the key details. If you have time and you still don't know what folklore books are all about, click the red play button on the YouTube vdieo. This will let you watch another read aloud of the book Johnny Appleseed



Next, you will click to the second Glogster page. This is located on the blue arrow. It is moving! It waves side to side. I want you to read over the whole page again. This part will be done in class, but I want you to still know what's going on. We are working with Legos again!! Remember how we act when Legos are on our tables. 

Here is what the second page looks like...



After you have read the page, I want you to watch the video at the bottom to see how to build a tool. This is just an example. YOU MAY NOT COPY THIS TOOL FOR YOUR PROJECT!

This is the YouTube video you are to watch...


Now, read the instructions again to see what you are doing with the Legos. You are building a tool to help your community, Lexington, NC. We will do this part in class, but you should still understand the directions before opening the Lego kits. Be prepared to present your Lego invention to the class. They want to see what you built. Remember your presentation skills (talking loudly, making eye contact, and showing off your work). 




Most importantly, have fun! If you need help, I will walk around during the Lego piece. There is also a link at the bottom of page two that will take you back to the first page (the page with all the folklore information). 

Here is what the link looks like...