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Fitness Requirements for Army Recruits

Fitness Requirements for Army Recruits

Author: Melissa Pontes

PE Standard 2.6: Identify the physical fitness requirements of an occupation

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Before watching the video, answer the following question on the google doc provided below. In your opinion, what physical requirements would the army require?

Army Combat Fitness Test

Writing assignment. Please open up a google doc, answer the below question, and share the google doc with me by the end of the day.

Describe the physical attributes assessed in two  events of the Army Combat Fitness Test, and explain why strength in these areas would be beneficial for soldiers entering the Army. Cite evidence from the video.

Standards for the New Army Combat Test


Big Question: Do you think the change in the army fitness test better prepares soldiers for their chosen occupation? Provide two examples from the video to support your answer. Click on the link below to submit your response on the attached google form.