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Five painless ways to incorporate technology into your classroom NOW

Five painless ways to incorporate technology into your classroom NOW


Whether you want to use technology to amp up your instructional methods, or you want your students to utilize technology to demonstrate their learning, check out these tools to learn about easy ways to take your classroom to the next level today.

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1. Try POWTOON to present information in an engaging, animated way. This blows PowerPoint and Google Slides out of the water!

Students can even download their PowToons to their Google Drive and share them with you on Google Classroom!

Sign up for a free PowToon account with your district Google account here

A student's PowToon example

How to create a PowToon

2. Create comic strips online with PIXTON. This is great for presenting information in a lesson or asking students to show what they know in a fun, engaging way.

How to use Pixton - The Basics

How to use Pixton - Characters

How to use Pixton - Animation

3. Make a professional-looking website or blog with WEEBLY. Use this tool to communicate with your classes or parents, or ask students to create one!

How to get started using Weebly

4. Ask students to create a PADLET to present information and show you what they've learned. It's like an online pinboard where they can embed videos and insert photos and text.

Students can share their Padlets with you by grabbing the URL and posting it on Google Classroom.

Sign up for a Padlet account here using your Google login.

A student's Padlet example

How to make a Padlet

5. Use KAHOOT to make fun, interactive quizzes. Bonus - your students can use their phones!

How to use Kahoot