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Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

Author: Terra Borges

Students have already had the Flat Stanley story read to them in class and they are now going to be introduced to the Flat Stanley project which is creating a Flat Stanley and sending it to someone they know that lives somewhere else so their Flat Stanley can go on an adventure.  This is the second part of a 6 day lesson, the first day was the introduction of the story, the second day is the introduction of the Flat Stanley project (this lesson), the third day is the creating of their Flat Stanley and a letter writing lesson which is a note to their family member or friend they are sending Flat Stanley to (they will have a template to use and I will scan their letters with their Stanley's to send in the email) , the fourth day is the scanning and emailing of the Flat Stanley (information was given prior to the first lesson to the parents so I could received the correct email address and so the Flat Stanley host was aware of the project and due date) during this lesson the students will also play another game on the Flat Stanley website once their Flat Stanley has been sent into cyberspace, the fifth day is when the students receive their Flat Stanley back with pictures from his adventures so we can create animoto slide shows for each, and the sixth day the students will see all of the slide shows and I will read the letters that the hosts wrote about their time with Stanley.

At the end of this lesson, students will have an idea of who they want to send their Flat Stanley to so they can begin the project.

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Flat Stanley Project Information

Anticipatory Set to the Flat Stanley Project

Source: Vimeo Videos: Flat Stanley by Veronica Wadas

Where will you send your Flat Stanley to?

Flat Stanley App

Instruction on how to play Flat Stanley Fifty States app on the iPad.

What Happens Next?

Next, you are going to color a Flat Stanley and email him to the person you chose during this lesson.  Then, Flat Stanley will go on an adventure with your family member or friend, along with a letter to your family member or friend and they will record their adventure by taking pictures.  Once Flat Stanley is ready to come home, he will be emailed back with all the pictures that was taken while he was visiting your family member or friend.  Last, we will make a digital photo album, just like the one we saw in the first video, so we can see how much fun your Stanley had with your family or friends.  Tomorrow we will get started on the next step!