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Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom

Author: Amanda DeVita
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The Flipped Classroom is not...

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Don’t flip a class:  Flip a lesson


Think of the flipped class as another technique in your arsenal.  

Start with a lesson that students struggle with and make a short video.  An easy way to determine what to make a video of is to ask yourself:  What do I constantly have to repeat or what do kids really need extra help on?

Keep the video to no more than 10 min and shorter if you have younger kids.  I think the rule of thumb might be 1-2 min per grade level.  

Make sure you figure out how the students are going to access the video.  Are you going to post it to your website, to YouTube (this might be tricky with younger kids since some parents might not want their kids on YouTube).  Also make sure that all kids have a way to access the videos.  If you teach in a school with access issues, then make sure you solve this problem before class.  

You might also not assign the video as homework, but make it a center in your classroom for students who struggle and/or need extra help.

Figure out how you will check to see if they have watched the video.  You could have them take notes on paper or you might have them give feedback via a google form.  There are lots of ways to check student work.  

Article: Should You Flip Your Classroom?

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What does a flipped classroom look like?

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Flipped Classroom Check In

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