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Flipped Classroom Certification-Brittany Mulalley

Flipped Classroom Certification-Brittany Mulalley

Author: Brittany Mulalley
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Lesson Planning

When you want to create a lesson for your students you can use the flipped classroom to present the lesson to your students. 

Teaching Paradigm Shift

Using Sophia to deliver lessons to your students outside of class is the best way to be able to make good use of the time you have with your class. For example if you are a math teacher you don't really want to spend an entire class period teaching math concepts and writing the problems on the board for your students to take notes on. Instead you can do one problem and explain how to do it in one presentation. 

Differentiation via the flipped class

Using Sophia is a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom especially when you don't have the resources in the classroom to be able to give each student access to a computer. This way the student is learning to use technology in order to learn the things they would normally spend a 7 hour day learning through lecturing.

Technology and Resources

When looking at the technology resources lesson you can see that there are different ways of sharing your lessons to your students such as: Creating your own youtube channel dedicated to your students, Schooltube, Edmondo, etc.