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Flipped Classroom Certification-Kimberly Collins

Flipped Classroom Certification-Kimberly Collins

Author: Kimberly Collins
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Flipped Classroom Certification-Kimberly Collins

The 4 Steps to Flipping Your Classroom

Through this tutorial you will learn the four ways to flip your classroom and how it will help your students learn in a new way.

What is a Flipped Classroom?This is a way to use technology in a classroom in a different way than usual. As the teacher you will create tutorials for your students that are very short that just gives them the concept of the lesson for them to become familiar with, either at home or public library, before class. A good example is to use only one math problem vs. several as you would in a class. The student can pause and replay the lesson as often as needed. The real teaching will happen in the classroom, in a hands-on manner. This can lead to a deeper knowledge of the subject. And, also a deeper connection between student and the teacher, teacher and student, and student and student.

The Teaching Paradigm ShiftThrough this shift we find that teaching diverse students we shift our minds from traditional ideas of teaching and creating lesson plans. One of these major shifts is having the teacher become a guide for the students, while allowing the students to work together to learn the concepts being taught in the lesson.

Differentiation via the Flipped Classroom Through the flipped classroom we find three ways the lessons can be differentated for the students. First, the teacher must decide what the activities and assessments for the flipped lesson are going to be on, then make sure that your assessments and learning objectives match up. The students benefit from a group dynamic. First, they learn at home from the teacher, then they learn in the class from each other, finally the students apply their knowledge individually through assessments that the teacher has decided upon to assure that the students have learned the lesson.

Technology and ResourcesThis is the final step of flipping your classroom, though it is definitely no less important than the previous steps. This step requires your use of several different types of technology that can be utilized in your classroom. From to Jing, also your tablets to the class SMARTboard. It is also very important to realize that not all students have access to the internet at their home. It should be suggested that they can use computers at the local library, if they have one in the community and also if they are able to access one. If, the student(s) has no access to internet outside of the classroom, they should be given time in the classroom to watch the short video and then participate in the activities.