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Flipped Classroom - Technologies

Flipped Classroom - Technologies

Author: Matilde Sanchez

This tutorial takes you through the different technologies that could be useful to implement your flipped classroom

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Identifying technologies

There is a lot of resources to make your materials available to your students in a user-friendly way.

This platform is an example of one of them. Look through the list below and review which ones you are familiar with, each of the links will take you to their corresponding website:

Did you know any of them before?

Have you used any of these platforms for your own classes already?

Which one do you like the most?

Different platforms to set up an online learning environment

These different platforms allow storing your lesson materials and videos, and make them available in a structured format to your students. 

You may be intimidated by your skills for video editing, but there exist a variety of online tools for easily creating and editing videos, 

You could check some of these resources in these two online lists:

You do not need to create Hollywood quality videos as long as they serve your purposes, in fact the videos selected in the tutorials used for this session aimed to represent different levels of quality of videos serving the same purpose.

For some extra examples, you could check these too: