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Flipped Classroom- Using C.O.P.S

Flipped Classroom- Using C.O.P.S

Author: Carol Holmes

Students will read through this flipped classroom  tutorial. As they read, they will take notes on what the acronym C.O.P.S stands for as well as how it can be used to help them revise and edit their prewriting. Students will also practice implementing the C.O.P.S steps to fix pre-made error examples.


In this flipped classroom  tutorial, students will learn how to correctly use each of the 4 steps needed to edit and revise their prewriting by taking notes and reviewing what C.O.P.S stands for. Students will then be able to take this knowledge and transfer it to their own writing when they begin to edit their prewriting material that they have previously  created in class.


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Instructions: Step One

Take a few minutes to consider the following questions:

  • Have you ever thought of using COPS to help improve your writing?
  • How do you think cops can improve your writing?

Next, on your ipads, record what you believe it means to use COPS to help you become a better writer.


Do NOT delete this recording or edit this recording in any way, it will be used later in the lesson.

Instructions: Step Two

Now that you have made your predictions about how we can use cops to become better writers its time to actually learn how cops can help us to edit and revise our writing with C.O.P.S!  

C.O.P.S does not mean your traditional police officer

COPS means the strategies/steps that you must take in order to edit and improve your writing.


Independently read and follow along to the Prezi:

As you watch the prezi:

  1. Take notes on each letter of C.O.P.S in your writing journal. Make sure you are reading and taking notes so that you get the best possible understandings for each letter!

Prezi Link- needed for step two

Instructions: Step Three

Did you finish? Great!

Now that you have taken your notes on each of the C.O.P.S follow along to PowerPoint on C.O.P.S and watch as the teacher shows you step by step how to edit and revise using C.O.P.S.

Once again take notes on each of the examples for all the stages of C.O.P.S.

Powerpoint- needed for step 3

Instructions: Step Four

It's time for you to ensure that you know each of the C.O.P.S stages.

Complete the multiple-choice quiz ( on the left) to assure that you know what each level of C.O.P.S means for writing.

Instructions: Step Five

Once you’ve scored a 100 on your quiz you are now ready to try some on your own.


complete the COPS worksheet attached below:



Practice Using C.O.P.S Activity Sheet

Directions: Fix only the letter described for each of the following sentences (C.O.P.S)

C: Capitalization

  1. hi my name is lucy loo hoo I love in a zoo!
  2. Jolly jimmy wants to Eat some yummy trEats this Halloween, do you?


O: Order & Organization

  1. My Carol is name, how you are today?
  2. What favorite is your singers name?


P: Punctuation

  1. I cou’ldnt find my jacket this morning help?
  2. Give me that candy now please I really want it?


S: Spelling

  1. Beore they went to bed the kids had to brush theyre  teeth.
  2. Candy is so god but it can give you cervaties.


Write one sentence explaining what the purpose of using C.O.P.S in writing is?


Criteria for success:

Student is considered successful if they correct answered at least 1 of each sectioned question correctly, as well as answering the final question with a logical and understandable response.


Instructions: Step Six

After you have completed the worksheet I would like you to make a second vocal recording of what you believe it means to use C.O.P.S to help you become a better writer.



Instructions: Step Seven

You have finished!!


Please bring both your completed activity practice sheet as well as your two voice recordings to class so that we can review them together.