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Flipped Google Spreadsheets - Budget Tutorial

Flipped Google Spreadsheets - Budget Tutorial

Author: Kellie Polando
  • Practice using an online tutorial to learn something new
  • Learn how to create and edit spreadsheets in google docs
  • Learn how to create simple formulas in google docs
  • Describe how a budget works and can help you manage your money

Use the "Spreadsheet Budget Sophia Tutorial" document provided in Aspen, follow along with the tutorials and complete the making of your own personal budget.  If you do not have the document you may type information in by hand.  

In addition to creating a personal budget the tutorials will teach you how to create a google spreadsheet and how to calculate your findings using simple formulas.  

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Hi All

For many of you this is the first opportunity you have had to learn from using a video.  Learning with a video is different watching a video of your favorite movie.  It requires you to actively participate and think about what you are watching.  

Some helpful hints:

  1. Pause the video often so you can practice on your document.
  2. Open the videos in one screen and have your document open on the other side of the screen.
  3. Practice and do not worry about making mistakes.  That is what "undo" is for.
  4. Take the quiz.  It will help you remember important skills.

Relax and I will be available to assist you with the process.  


Google Spreadsheets Basic Editing - Budget Formatting (use with Step 1-Formatting Sheet)

Basics of editing in google spreadsheets: Adjusting column widths & row heights - selecting text - merging cells - wrapping text - arrows

Pause video frequently and practice on your document!

Part 1 - Basic Number Formatting and Formula Creation (use with Step 2-Formula Sheet)

Sum Function - Number Formatting - Use of = to indicate a calculation

Remember to hit pause frequently to practice on your document

Part 2 - Basic Number Formatting and Formula Creation (use with Step 2-Formulas sheet - you must complete the Part 1 Video First!)

Order of Operations - Accounting Formatting - Taxes

We will talk a lot more about spreadsheets in class and will discuss taxes, savings, and expenses. Please work on completing the formatting of your Personal Budget and learning how to create formulas.

Remember to pause the video often so you can practice on your document