Flipped Learning Example: Division of Fractions

Flipped Learning Example: Division of Fractions

Author: Robert Deneau
  • Students will be able to successfully divide fractions and mixed numbers
  • Students will be able to solve word problems involving division of fractions by fractions

In this lesson, students will be learning how to divide fractions. Students will draw on previous experience with the multiplication of fractions to help understand the concept of dividing by fractions. With this concept understood, students will then move on to applying the concept (division of fractions) to word problems and real world situations. The majority of this portion of the lesson will occur in class so that I can meet the individual needs of the students.

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Division By Fractions

This video will show how to divide by fractions. Regular fractions and mixed numbers will be shown in this process. After completing the video, please take the quiz to see if you understand all the concepts presented during the lesson.