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Flipped Learning in the College Classroom

Flipped Learning in the College Classroom

Author: Karen Hamilton

This workshop will allow participants the opportunity to find out more details about flipping lessons, as well as the opportunity to participate in a flipped class.

Flipping a classroom is becoming increasingly popular in many academic arenas from primary school to university.  In traditional modes of instruction, the teacher delivers a lecture, provides some brief in-class practice, and then assigns homework.

By flipping the class, also called Flipped Learning, the instructor provides students with lesson content (lecture) before class and uses class time to practice concepts (do homework). Students also are able to participate in learning activities with the instructor present to help them.

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Watch this video to meet the originator of flipped learning.

If you’d like to know how Flipped Learning started, here is a good video from 60 minutes interviewing the originator of flipped learning and showing a flipped classroom in action.

60 minutes video on YouTube 13:27 minutes

Source: 60 minutes


After watching the video, jot down any questions you may still have about flipping the classroom and make a comment or two about how you think flipping one of your classes would work for you.

Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist

Watch this slideshow for more information about Flipped Learning

How can flipped learning work in your classroom?

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Source: Karen Silvestri, Instructional Specialist

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Visit my blog for my information on flipped learning and other teaching strategies. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about this topic or about using technology in your class. I'd love to hear from you!