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Flipped Learning Network One Day Workshops

Flipped Learning Network One Day Workshops

Author: Jon Bergmann

If you are attending one of the Flipped Learning Network's One Day workshops, we encourage participants to go through this tutorial before attending.

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Flipped Class 101

Peer into Aaron Sams' classroom as he explains why he flipped his classroom. Aaron Sams, along with Jonathan Bergmann were the first to flip their classes. The currently teach in Woodland Park Colorado and are writing a book about the Flipped Class.

Read a few blogs about the Flipped Class

Go to Jon Bergmann's website where he lists many different blogs.  Click here: and read a few of the recent blogs about the flipped class.  We encourage you to find a few of the topics and even to comment on any of the blogs which most interest you.  

Join the Flipped Learning Network

There is a growing community of educators interested in flipped learning.  We encourage you to join the over 8000 memebers (it is free) who are talking about how to implement flipped learning in their classes.  There are numerous groups you can join.  Many of the groups are age specifice (K-4 teachers, middle school teachers, etc) or subject specific (Math, English, World Languages, etc).  Go to: to sign up for your free account.  

Taking a Risk with At Risk Kids

When the principal at Clintondale High took a big risk by flipping his classrooms (as his test scores were dropping and disciplinary rates were on the rise) it paid off. In just one year, the failure rate at their 9th grade center reduced by 33% in English, 31% in Math, 22% in Science, and 19% in Social Studies -- plus the discipline rate dropped by 66%! Watch Greg Green and Clintondale High School's story firsthand and learn about how Camtasia products are helping bring the Clintondale's to life. Connect with Greg on Twitter:

Fill out this questionnaire before coming to the event.