Flipped Lesson INTC2610

Flipped Lesson INTC2610

Author: Noelle Walker

SWBAT discuss the functions and appendages of skin.  They will understand the role skin plays and how important it is to the human body.

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Welcome to the Integumentary System!

This lesson is on the Human Integumentary System.  It will discuss skin and its layers.  It will also discuss appendages of skin and their functions.  Please watch the video below to learn a little about skin and then review the information in the PowerPoint.  Take Good Notes!  After, you will click the link below and submit a quiz.  

This video is a description of the layers of the skin, their functions and appendages.

Human Anatomy Skin PowerPoint

Please review this PowerPoint and take descriptive notes on all of the slides.

Quiz Time!


Please take the quiz so I know what information you have learned.


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