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Flipping For Blended Learning-Middle School-ELA PD-3.10.16

Flipping For Blended Learning-Middle School-ELA PD-3.10.16

Author: Megan Trimble

•Identify/apply technology for media creation and platforms for delivery
•Identify ways students will access flipped lessons & desired outcomes
•Emphasize importance of starting small when flipping & using what’s already available


A quick introduction to flipping classroom instruction for blended learning.  USD 229 Professional Development 3.12.15.

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Flipping Instruction for Blended Learning Introduction

Source: M.Trimble

Flipping Your Classroom for Blended Learning-An Introduction

A generic overview

Source: M. Trimble-2015,

Guided Notes-Flipping Instruction for Blended Learning


Source: M.Trimble-2015 Flipping Tool-Kit-USD 229

Social Bookmarks

Source: M.Trimble

4 Pillars of Flipped Learning


Source: Flipped Learning Network (FLN). (2014) The Four Pillars of F-L-I-P™