Flipping Fractions

Flipping Fractions

Author: Yuri Halushka

At the end of this lesson students will understand what converting fractions means, how they look and will be able to convert simple fractions themselves. 

Mr. Yuri explains what "converting" fractions means, what they look like and how to convert improper fractions via several examples. Students are given some examples to try on their own first and then follow along as the Mr. Yuri explains the process as well as introduces "reducing" to the lowest common denominator. At the end of the video, Mr. Yuri asks students to convert: 4/3, 6/3, 10/7, 18/15, 24/7, 38/21 and 54/36

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Converting Fractions

Mr. Yuri Explains what "converting fractions" mean, how they look, and gives some example of how to convert them. At the end of the video students are asked to convert a few examples and bring them into class.

Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Here's another video on Converting Fractions that could help you guys out if you need more information.

Examples and explanations on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers.