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Flipping the Classroom

Flipping the Classroom

Author: Aaron Mullally

- understand the importance of using different forms of media to stay connected with students outside as well as inside of the classroom

- understand how to approach and design a flipped lesson

This packet covers the importance of using technology in today's lesson planning. Students are much more plugged into information today because of the world wide web. As an educator I believe it is important for other educators to put their lessons/information out on the web to stay constantly connected to students. It is also important, as an educator, to know that our students are learning from information that can be trusted, because it was created by ourselves and other educators.

Flipping the classroom is a relatively new form of lesson planning that creates a more student-centered active learning environment. In an environment such as this, we are not just viewed as givers of knowledge but as facilitators of how the knowledge is applied to real life scenarios. Flipping the classroom also shifts more responsibility onto the student to get their lesson done before they come to class so they aren't behind when they come to class.

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Flipping the Classroom Lecture

This video covers the importance of implementing technology into your lesson planning; whether it's a supplement to your in-class lessons or for flipping the classroom.

Source: Mind of Aaron

Flipping the Classroom

This presentation covers the importance of using media to connect with students and how to plan a flipped lesson.

Source: The mind of Aaron Mullally

Educational Blog

Here is a link to my blog where I discuss flipping the classroom:

Source: Mind of Aaron