Flipping the Classroom - Introduction

Flipping the Classroom - Introduction

Author: Laura Howard
  • Understand what it means to flip the classroom.
  • Learn how to use tools that will aid in flipping.
  • Evaluate current lessons and see how to apply flipping.
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Flipping Your Classroom - an Introduction

Source: Linked from YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a7NbUIr_iQ

Tips to Help You Flip Your Classroom

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Source: Article from ASCD - Volume 55:: Number 2, February 2013, Ellen Ullman

Flipping the Classroom - PowerPoint

Source: edWeb - Created by:

Flipping the Classroom - Reflection

Resources for Flipping Your Classroom

Community Clips - create screencast videos with this program. It is a downloaded program onto your computer, so you will need to contact the helpdesk to have it installed.

Jing - create screencast videos with this program as well as capture images on your screen. It is a downloaded program onto your computer, so you will need to contact the helpdesk to have it installed.

Snipping Tool - part of Windows 7, the snipping tool lets you snip anything on your screen and save it or email it.

Vocaroo - very simple audio recording tool. http://www.vocaroo.com

Sophia - a sophisticated (yet easy to use) website that allows you to create tutorials that include slideshows, videos, audio files, embeded html, pdf files, and quizzes. - http://www.sophia.org (works best in Mozilla Firefox).

Educreations - an iPad app that lets you record as you draw. Insert pictures and text boxes and then post it to the web. - http://www.educreations.com

YouTube - post videos on YouTube for easy access to content.- http://www.youtube.com